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These are really pretty cards that are a great way to recycle old wrapping paper.  I used to make them with my cousins on new year’s eve ready for the next Christmas!  I hope the instructions are clear enough.  I’ve taken photos to help explain but they’re pretty blurry as I don’t have a state of the art camera and I’m not good at keeping a still hand (especially when it’s important that I do, I suddenly get all sorts of weird tremors!)  Also, I’ve not been too concerned with backgrounds and shadows, but at least the images might just help clarify the written instructions!


-Wrapping paper is best.  Anything much thicker gets very hard to stick down

-The stickier the glue the better!

-Fold all the squares before you start sticking as you get glue all over your fingers and it ruins the look of the wrapping paper if you get gluey fingerprints on it!  Besides, it’s frustrating!

-It helps to press the layers under a heavy book for a little while.  While you’re waiting you can cut out squares for another card

-Don’t cut the circle into your card too big as this will expose rough edges to the triangles (this will make more sense as you actually make the card.)

Cut out 20 squares from a piece of old wrapping paper and 24 from another.  The squares can be any size within reason really!  Mine here are 3 cm squared I think, but the bigger cards above used squares of 4 and 4.5 cms.

Then fold each square in half.

Fold all the squares in half again.

Unfold this last fold and then, with the remaining fold at the top, fold the corners down and in to the centre crease as shown here (that was a lot of ‘folds’, I know!)

Cut out a piece of plain paper 10cm x 10cm.  Then fold it along both diagonals before unfolding it again.  Next, stick one of the triangles you have just folded above into the centre of this piece of paper as shown.  It should be one of the squares of which you have cut out 24.

Then stick a second triangle into the centre as shown.

And a third and fourth!

Now stick 4 triangles of the other colour at the diagonals as shown.  Try and keep spacing as symetrical as possible.

Stick a fifth triangle of the same colour as shown.

Keep sticking a triangle in each gap……..

Once the green layer is complete with 8 triangles, repeat the process with the first colour again.  Remember to always start with 4 triangles at the diagonals and then stick on 4 more triangles in the gaps inbetween.

Once the card looks like this you start layering the green on top again.  You can repeat this process lots of times, but eventually you’ll notice that the triangles are no longer overlapping so there are gaps and it doesn’t look nice.  Time to stop!

Cut an A4 piece of card in half.  Take one piece and fold it in half.  On one half draw round something circular.  The size needs to be a little bit smaller than the circle you have created with the coloured triangles so as to cover the rough edges.

Cut out the hole.

Stick the decoration created above onto the card on the inside, so that it shows through the hole.

Stick some plain paper over the back of this to hide any rough edges etc.

Et voila!  Completed card.  Your mum will be so pleased!


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